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We worked with Carol when my husband and I were in the process of getting married. We each had two children from previous marriages and Carol helped our entire family to understand how our individual histories impact the way we deal with each other. Carol helped us to confront issues that arose as everyone learned to live together and she still is available to us when we occasionally bump into things we feel we can’t navigate on our own. Our transition to a blended family was remarkably easy. We cannot thank Carol enough for the help she gave us at such a critical time in our lives.

We brought our son to see Carol because he was having terrible difficulties in middle school. We knew he was very bright yet he was barely passing his classes and he was unable to socialize with his peers. Carol did an evaluation and she urged us to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist. We found that our son has inattentive ADHD and Aspergers. Carol has worked with our son for the past two and a half years, helping him to develop tools to focus on his work and to control the emotional windstorms that come with his disorder. She has intervened on our behalf at the middle school and has teamed with his teachers to create a learning environment in which our son is able to thrive. Our son’s last report card from middle school had 5 A’s and 2 B’s. He’s made friends and he’s very excited about entering high school. He attended summer music camp away from home for the first time and he had a great time. We cannot believe the transformation. Carol has a great rapport with him and he’s learned to “save” his troubles for his time with Carol instead of blurting them out the minute they become a problem. Thanks to Carol we are looking forward to the opportunities he will have in high school and beyond.

I began working with Carol when I realized that I would start to panic whenever I was around someone who was angry. In therapy I discovered that being around someone who was angry would cause me to feel as though I were “reliving” traumatic events from my childhood. Carol told me this is PTSD. By talking about my feelings during these episodes, and having EMDR therapy, I’ve come to realize that just because someone is angry doesn’t mean that I am going to be hurt. Before seeing Carol I felt like I had no control over my panic. Now I can remember frightening incidents but I can do so without feeling afraid. I don't feel like a victim any more.